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Alice Jenkins (Lois Collinder)

An unusual (but not unique) progression from extra to top dog and a gradual shift in character from baddie to goodie. First seen as an uncredited extra in (420)?, and again in (426-428) but given first credits in (448-451). First involvement in plot is her and Lou's harassment of Hannah Geldschmidt and the bashing of her with Frances (452). Involved with Lou's murder attempt on Myra Desmond (512) and the consequent accidental killing of Sam Greenaway. She sells floor polish to alcoholic inmate Jan Grant (524) and she and Lexie force her to drink grain alcohol (528) but these actions have unintended consequences, not least Jan's act of revenge by naming Alice as Sam's murderer: Alice is sentenced to an additional 10 years in (554).

She moves more towards the mainstream with her selection for the dance marathon team but she still remains Lou Kelly's sidekick, and is put forward for election to the Council by Lou (550). They conspire to fix Eve Wilder's talent/beauty so that Alice wins and they profit from the sweep on the result. Despite Alice winning the talent section with an energetic performance as Carmen Miranda (583), they fail to influence the overall result.

The arrival of Rita Connors and her immediate defeat of Alice and Lou (587) seems to be the start of a change of Alice's alliegance. Her fondness for a bit of trouser is first used for comic effect in (599) with her attempt to seduce Steve Ryan.

The real turning point for Alice's character appears to be the fake "hanging" administered by the women to her and Lou (605) for their part in the riot when Eve Wilder is killed.

After this, she becomes closer to Rita and Lou's murder of Alice's mother and brother while on the run (612-613) makes Alice implacably opposed to her former crony. She naturally becomes a suspect for Lou's murder (616). She is selected for the work experience program on the boat (639), delivers Lexie's baby (649) and is put forward as top dog by Rita (653). Most of the women regard her as Rita's stooge, but she manages to survive as top dog until (665) when Kath and Rodney discredit her by forcing her to drink whisky and appear to break the boycott on contraband from the shop. She takes part in Brumby's escape attempt with Rita, but is caught on the wire.

Her eventual reward at the end of the series is to find love in the (for once) plausible shape of Harry, a prisoner from Barnhurst. The relationship is treated for comic value at first, but survives even her discovery of Harry's sentence for rape and murder and his eventual transfer to Woodridge. We have to presume that they will wait for each other, even though Alice would not be realistically expect to be released for another five years after the series finishes.

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