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Chrissie Latham (Amanda Muggleton)

Full name uncertain, as she is inducted as Christine Angela Latham in (287), and as Christine Margaret Latham in (68). Prostitute. Identified as the murderer of Bill Jackson by Eddie, is scalped by the women and transferred to Fairlea (4).

Returns to Wentworth (68) but from Barnhurst, causing Meg much anguish so soon after Bill's murder. Chrissie boasts about having sex with a male officer at one of the prisons, and to no-one's surprise it turns out she is pregnant. Gives birth in (93) after an accelerated pregnancy. She calls her daughter Elizabeth after Lizzie, and the child's welfare becomes her constant pre-occupation. Transferred to maternity.

Chrissie is next seen when Doreen is transferred to maternity and revives Elizabeth after a cat has sat on her (151). She begins to worry that with Elizabeth's first birthday coming up she will have her child taken away (153), but before this Elizabeth is taken to hospital with breathing problems. Doreen who is on parole and working at the hospital kidnaps Elizabeth to prevent her being taken into care (155). At first, Chrissie threatens to kill Doreen, but realises later that she didn;t really mean to harm Elizabth and seems to forgive her (157).

She comes into conflict with Stuart Gillespie when she demands to be able to keep Elizabeth beyond her first birthday: he refuses and has her transferred to D block when she attacks Anne Griffin for refusing to give her back photos of Elizabeth (167).

She reappears in (187) after asking to be transferred to work in the laundry to earn more money to look after Elizabeth. Shortly before she is paroled, her old boyfriend Mick O'Brien visits her, and she claims he is Elizabeth's father to get the right to use the conjugal visiting suite - which leads her into a conflict with Bea. She goes to live with Mick on release (191), but she becomes increasingly frustrated that she isn't allowed to have Elizabeth immediately and refuses to return her to the children's home after a day visit. Unfortunately, the police are called and one of them recognises Mick as escaped convict Mark Brendan, and he is arrested and sentenced to three years. Chrissie's brother Derek contacts her to offer her a place in his home. Initially Chrissie refuses as their father is living with them, and he sexually abused her as a child. However, when her father dies and she is given custody of Elizabeth, she goes to live with Brenda and Derek (197).

[Incidentally, Chrissie tells her sister-in-law Brenda in (197) that she was only found guilty of manslaughter for killing Bill Jackson, not murder - the writers obviously realised that some explanation was required for her parole only two years after killing someone. However, when Brenda reports Chrissie to the police in (286), she says Chrissie is on parole for murder]

Chrissie makes a surprise reappearance in (285) when Meg calls at the CES and sees her signing on. Ironically, it is Meg who inadvertently sets in motion the social security investigation which leads to Chrissie being put back inside, when she calls Chrissie "Latham" and the clerk realises Chrissie is using a false name. It turns out Chrissie is really signing on using three different names.

Chrissie returns to Wentworth after she is arrested at the airport for social security fraud (286). She tries to seduce both Joan and Steve to get help to prevent her sister-in-law Brenda from gaining custody of Elizabeth. She becomes involved as a go-between in Hannah Simpson's escape attempt and escapes in Hannah's place (296), but is herself held hostage by Duncan Campbell

She is soon recaptured and returned to Wentworth, where she attacks Joan but is badly beaten by her (298)-(299). Chrissie enlists the help of the male nurse Neil Murray in a further escape attempt, but he kidnaps her and would have killed her but for the intervention of the police. During the rehearsals for the joint concert at Woodridge, she comes up against Duncan Cambell's cronies. She is involved in starting the fire at Wentworth, blaming herself for the deaths of Mouse and Barbara Fields, although she only starts a minor fire in the library (326).

When the women are evacuated to Woodridge after the fire, she has another near escape from Neil. Joan has her transferred to Barnhurst by going over Erica's head to the Department (339).

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