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Monica Ferguson (Lesley Baker)

Bea's old cellmate, who is sent back to Wentworth (15) after another assault on her husband Fred. To Vera's dismay, she teams up with Bea.

Framed for drug smuggling (18) by Vera in collaboration with Erica's niece Barbara. After this, Monica disappears for a while and only appears again in (29) when the women attack the corrupt officer Anne Yates, who is in Wentworth as a prisoner. When Bea escapes from hospital after being stabbed by Anne Yates, Monica battles with Noeline Bourke for caretaker top dog position while Bea is on the run. Monica is not a popular top dog and antagonises the women with her dictatorial ways (33), and steps down in favour of Clara Goddard, though Clara can only be top dog with Monica's backup.

She agrees to help Joyce Martin recover the proceeds of a payroll robbery by moving it to a safer place when she is released (44). She agrees to this mainly in order to help Fred pay off his gambling debts, but when she goes to pay off the bookie, she finds that Fred had overestimated his debts to get money out of her. She returns home furious to find he has left with her share. When Fred returns after he has had the money stolen from him in his turn by his girlfriend Blossom Crabtree and her accomplice Bruce Starr, she bashes him. He lays charges and she is returned to Wentworth (45).

Gets into trouble for attacking Blossom when she is brought to Wentworth which brings her into conflict with the new male Deputy Governor Jim Fletcher. He uses Blossom to get hold of the remainder of the payroll job money and claims the reward.

Despite Monica's sneaking admiration for Jim, she and Bea find out about his haemophobia and try to use it against him (49).

When the women find out that a new prisoner Bella Albrecht is inside for murdering her own child, Monica takes the lead and attacks her in the garden. When Bella is found murdered in the shower block, Monica becomes the police's chief suspect (53) until Martha Eaves is tricked into a confession.

Monica and Noeline undermine Bea's hunger strike protest at the lack of medical care in Wentworth, as both of them are keen to impress the authorities shortly before their release (56). As a result, Bea is sent to solitary for two weeks just as Toni McNally arrives. Monica is almost the only one to hold out against Toni's attempts to buy the women's approval with contraband, and expresses her disapproval at Toni supplying the women with dope. As a result, she is suspected of lagging when Toni's contraband is found hidden around the prison, though in fact Monica had given Vera false information to trick her into searching through the garbage.

Toni finally agrees to Martha's demands that Monica should be fixed for lagging. Martha spills hot soup over Monica in the dining room and Vera sees her punch Martha. Vera takes Monica to the Governor's office, hoping to have Monica's parole quashed, but Erica decides to let her go anyway.

Monica is finally released in (60), vowing that she's going straight and moving to Queensland. [How Fred fits into this plan is not mentioned... probably not at all!]

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