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Nancy McCormack (Julia Blake)

Thanks to Robert Shaw for sending me the following profile, which I have slightly extended.

First seen in episode (589) watching a TV program about Daphne Graham, who's just been released from Wentworth: little does Nancy suspect that she'll be there soon herself!

Married to a cheating, abusive man. Her son Peter accidently kills his father Joe during one of the fights between Nancy and Joe in (591). Nancy can't stand the thought of her pretty-boy going to jail, so she sends him away, cleans up the blood, and phones Joe's work to say he's gone to Queensland for a while, and doesn't know when he'll come back. She eventually "confesses" to the police that she killed Joe and buried him in the back garden.

She is inducted to Wentworth in (593) by Joan Ferguson, who shows her the usual sensitive treatment .

Nancy is slow to understand the code of behaviour expected of prisoners and is beaten up by Lou in (597) for talking to Jessie, who was sent to Coventry. She is also very straight and hates the thought of violence, sex and drugs. She is slowly accepted into Rita's Warrior gang, but is kept out of plans to smuggle in cocaine.

Always has a soft spot for Kath Maxwell, even though the other gang members hate Kath. She keeps a diary of everything that is going on in Wentworth, which the Freak finds and reads on the sly. When the women realise how she got all the info, they get Nancy to write fake entries talking of a break-out by planting a bomb out in the grounds. The women then dummy up a cardboard bomb that, when "exploded" by the bomb-disposal men (629) pops up a sign saying "gotcha freak".

Later becomes involved in the work release program (642) so she can stop Rita killing the Freak.

Nancy is shocked when her son Peter brings his girlfriend Dani to visit (644) and announces they are getting married, as Dani is pregnant. She is even more disturbed when Dani visits her on her own and reveals that Peter is violent towards her - just as his father Joe had been to Nancy. When Dani can't get help from the police, she accuses Peter of his father's murder.

Nancy is torn, but realises she has to help Dani, and co-operates with the police so they can overhear Peter talking to Nancy about the night Joe was killed.

Peter is arrested for the murder and Nancy is released (650).

Updated 18 October 1998

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