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Phyllis Hunt (Reylene Pearce)

Although Reylene Pearce appears earlier as a background character, the first credit as Phyllis is in (49), where she appears in the rec room for the first aid class used to test out Jim Fletcher's supposed haemophobia. She is mentioned in (64) when Ros Coulson is moved into the cell with her and Bea, though she isnít seen as sheís supposed to be in sickbay.

Credited in (66) and (70). Appears uncredited in (75) (84) and (85). Credited in (108) where she is one of the prisoners who take part in the drama group organised by Ken Pearce.

Appears uncredited in (111) to introduce Captain Barton, who is supposed to be taking her on a day trip out to see the Savation Army hostel where she is supposed to be going to on her release, but this scene is really to introduce Captain Barton to Lizzie, so Phyllis gets forgotten.

Phyllis is never quite a front rank prisoner, but mainly used as a heavy, a sneak or someone who screws up other peopleís schemes through cowardice or stupidity. Appears after a long absence in (350) - Bea borrows her hair colour as part of the cunning disguise she uses to escape. She tries to put razor blades in Sonia Stevensí soap, but finds herself using the same bar herself in the shower next day (396) and after that finds herself under Soniaís thumb, running a numbers racket for her and Joan Ferguson. This is part of the set-up to get rid of Bea, and it is for fighting with Phyllis that Bea gets sent to solitary for the last time (400). She tries to break ties with Sonia, but getting into a bedful of broken glass seems to change her mind (404). She is one of the main instigators of the attempt to hand Joan Ferguson (411). Reb Kean uses Phyllis to get herself on the Glee Club outing, but when Reb makes her escape without Phyllis, she takes the driverís daughter hostage (434) and persists in blaming Judy and Cass for this when everyone is returned to Wentworth. Despite Rebís betrayal, she finds herself working for Reb, even while Joan Ferguson is trying to get Phyllis to dispose of her. Joan does use Phyllis against Myra, getting Phyllis to pour a pan of boiling water over Gloria Payne and framing Myra for it (443). Phyllis is one of the prisoners chosen for behaviour modification by Jonathan Edmunds (451), which briefly changes her personality. When Rebís attempt to get drugs into Wentworth at the fete is messed up by Phyllis, Reb corners her in the shower and bashes her with a wooden statue, leaving her brain damaged (460).

Although she never appears again, her boyfriend Brian Lowe later starts a campaign of terror against Ann Reynolds to avenge her.

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