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Steve Ryan (Peter Hayes)

Introduced as the nice doctor who looks after Joyce while she is in hospital following her attack by Eve Wilder (592). When chatting with Joyce he decides to get a job in a prison to make a psychological study of the prisoners' situation.

When Lou and Alice try to kill Lexie Patterson by fixing a powerpoint in the kitchen to give her a shock, Ann agrees to Mervin's suggestion that they should hire a permanent handyman. Mervin tells Steve to apply and he gets the job.

When new prisoner Barbie Cox sees Steve, she bursts out laughing and we later find out that she recognises him from a centerfold nude photo in a magazine. After a warning from Bob Moran, he is allowed to carry on working at the prison.

He first becomes close to Julie Egbert when he looks after her when she is badly bashed during the riot started by Lou Kelly. This gets him into trouble again later when he leaves his toolbox unattended to go and talk to Julie and Joan finds it. Again Steve is given a warning and allowed to continue at the prison.

Steve gets into trouble with Rita when he finds the cocaine she has smuggled in to the prison and flushes it away. She punches him knocks him out (613), but a few information leaflets on the dangers of drugs soon convince her to change her mind.

Evnetually, Steve's snobbish mother loses him his job by phoning the prison to blow his cover (616) but when he tells her he is in love with a prisoner she attempts to stop the wedding by hiring Joan to increase Julie's sentence.

Despite these obstacles, Steve and Julie are finally married (628).

[Thanks to Daniel Precht]

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Updated 16 May 1999